Facilities of Training Centers

Each training center is equipped with the following facilities:

Reception Desk

The Reception Desk offers a variety of services including storage of personal valuables and sales of daily necessities and stamps. Additionally, if a trainee requires medical attention, the Reception Desk staff will arrange for an escort to the hospital.
Reception Desk


There are three sizes in classrooms: small size, middle size and large size. They can accommodate approximately 10 to 30 people. Lectures of general orientation courses and management courses are held in those classrooms. They are also rentable. Tokyo Kenshu Center and Kansai Kenshu Center have an extra-large-sized classroom with a seating capacity of 100. Classrooms (TKC) Classrooms (TKC)

Computer Room

The Computer Room enables trainees to access the Internet free of charge. Computer room (TKC)

Canteen & Tea Corner

Healthy meals have always been an extremely vital factor in the success of training programs. In order to ensure that the challenges presented by living and studying in a foreign country do not adversely affect trainees' health, each training center canteen offers a broad range of multicultural cuisine that accommodates trainees' religious, cultural, and other preferences; of course, Japanese cuisine is also available. All food is prepared with years of experience and an emphasis on nutrition.

The tea corner offers light meals, desserts, soft drinks, and other delights. It is a perfect place to get to know your fellow trainees better.
Canteen (TKC)
Tea Corner (KKC)


Each Western-style guestroom features a private bathroom, TV, telephone, large study desk, goods required for daily living and training, and a LAN port for connecting to the Internet. Guestrooms (KKC) Guestrooms (TKC)


It is possible to make a domestic call from a guestroom. It will be automatically charged to the room account. It is also possible to make an international call from a guestroom with a pre-paid telephone card which is available at the vending machine in the lobby. Telephones Pre-paid telephone card

Other facilities

Each training center is equipped with laundries for long-stay trainees and a party room as welfare facilities. In addition, there are a gymnasium and tennis courts in the training centers except TKC. Laundries (TKC) Laundries (TKC) Gymnasium (KKC) Tennis Courts (KKC)