Training Life in Japan

This page is an introduction to life during training in Japan.


During the training program, AOTS participants will be accommodated at a AOTS Kenshu Center.
Please visit Kenshu Centers (Training Centers) for more information.

Climate, Clothes, Electricity, etc.

For general information about Japan's climate, clothes, electricity, etc., please visit General Information about Life in Japan.

Medical Service, Insurance and Welfare

AOTS trainees are covered by health and accident insurance to protect themselves against the costs related to sudden sickness, injury, and death during training in Japan. Please refer to “Outline of Overseas Travel Insurance” 155KB for more information.

Rules and Regulations for AOTS Trainees

These rules provide details of the obligations and other pertinent matters that participants should observe during training in Japan. Please check the “AOTS RULES RELATING TO TRAINEES.” 233KB