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This site is aimed at providing Japan's Human Resource Management & Industrial Relation (HRM &IR) information, especially current trends of HRM & IR topics by articles and links.

HRM & IR News [FY2018]

Professor Hiroshi Yamamoto, Ph.D.
School of Business/Graduate School of Business Aoyama Gakuin University
Retention management to prevent human resources from leaving
Part 2: The actual state of and specific retention management policies in Japan (1)

HRM & IR News [FY2017] 

Mr. Hiroshi Kitani, Professor of Hiroshima Business and Management School,
Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Workstyle reform to harness a diversity of personnel
Part 1: The strength of Japanese companies, underpinned by homogeneity
Part 2: The reality of diversity in Japanese companies
Part 3: Supporting treatment as workstyle reform
Part 4: The state of new remuneration in response to diversity
International Symposium
Dr. Shozo Inouye, Former Regional Advisor, ILO Asia & the Pacific HQs.
Mr. Susumu Kobayashi, Senior Management Consultant Japan Productivity Center (JPC)
  • Introduction
  • Clarification of management visions
  • Framework for thinking
How Japanese Businesses Develop and Implement Management and Action Plans (Part2)
  • Introduction
  • Analyses of the external environment
  • Analyses of the internal environment
  • SWOT analyses
How Japanese Businesses Develop and Implement Management and Action Plans (Part3)
  • Introduction
  • Contents of management and action plans
  • Goal and effectiveness

HRM & IR News [FY2016] 

Dr. Hiroyuki FUJIMURA, Hosei University
Director of HR-Services Division of Central Japan Industries Association,
Auditor of RIIM CHU-SAN-REN, Inc.

HRM & IR News [FY2015]


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