AOTS Journal No.15 Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019

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Message from the President

AOTS Celebrated its 60th Anniversary: Departure from its Origins to a New Age
AOTS's 60th Anniversary Commemorative Symposium
AOTS 60th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony/The reception

Report on the 10th World Convention of AOTS Alumni Societies

A Case of Training Program for Human Resource Development by AOTS
Wanting to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector in Vietnam with the “Ultimate Production Method that can Win Everywhere in the World”

GHC Global Business Internship Program ‒ Interview with a client company
Kubota Corporation

-Cambodian Trainees Hosted by Thailand for Technical Training-

News from AOTS Alumni Societies
Transmitting OTOP experiences to Myanmar: A seminar organized with the cooperation of the Thai Alumni Society
AOTS Lecturing Tour: Seminars held in Tanzania and Zambia
AAAWI Celebrates 25th Anniversary with a Series of Events
WNF Programs Financed through the WNF Fund
WNF Seminar Held in Yangon with Dispatched Lecturer from Chittagong, Bangladesh
Expanding Network of AOTS Alumni Societies

New General Managers at Overseas Offices Assigned

AOTS in Motion: (January to August 2019)