HIDA Journal No.4 Spring 2014

Spring 2014

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New Year's Address / Association Overview

Examples of HIDA's Training Programs for Human Resource Development
Developing human resources that support Meidohfs manufacturing [Meidoh Co., Ltd.]
After 20 years, HIDA's Training Programs for human resource development flourish [Tokai Imperial Rubber India Ltd. (TIR)]

The 30th Anniversary Lecture for the Executive Program on Corporate Management (EPCM)
Characteristics of the business strategy of Japanese companies and its future

Dialogue: “Roles of the Quality Control Training Course (QCTC) and Human Resource Development in the Future”

Inter-regional Cooperation between HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies
Regional Federations of HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies
WNF Programs Financed through the World Network of Friendship (WNF) Fund

Memorial Symposium for the 55th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Indonesia and Japan
Cooperation between Indonesia and Japan towards the development of Indonesian industrial human resources

Establishment of the New Delhi office in India
A South African mission visited HIDA
Prime Minister Abe attended the HIDA-AOTS Seminar on Quality Management in India
Completion of the six-month training for nurse and care worker candidates from Indonesia and the Philippines
Donation to typhoon victims in the Philippines through the Miyagi International Association