HIDA Journal No.5 Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014

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Inaugural Message / Association Overview

Examples of HIDA's Training Programs for Human Resource Development
Aiming to Refine Inspection Techniques and Cut Costs [KEDC Co., Ltd.]
Working to Develop Local Human Resources and Head Office Employees through the Expert Dispatch [Nakakin Co., Ltd.]
Human Resource Development in the Service Industry Transcript of a Seminar on Case Examples of Overseas Advancement in the SME Service Industry

Fostering Young Japanese People to Succeed Globally
Introduction to the METI Global Internship Program

HIDA's Involvement in Human Resource Development in Thailand
Interview with Associate Professor Dr. Krisada Visavateeranon, President of the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology

Overview of the 9th World Convention of HIDA/AOTS Alumni Societies

Introduction to New Global Cooperation Projects
Overview of and Introduction to HIDA Seminar on Family Business Management for Thailand
Interview with Ms. Chie Yamano: “Learning from Japan's Family Businesses”

Reports from Overseas Offices
Bangkok Office / Jakarta Office / New Delhi Office

Introduction to the HIDA Japanese e-Learning
Start of Training for Nurse and Care Worker Candidates from Indonesia and the Philippines

President's Column: One Alumni Society in a Small Country