HIDA E-Newsletter No.11

HIDA's internal organizations for FY2013

We newly created the SME Advisory Desk and the HIDA Research Institute (HRI), for assisting Japanese SMEs' overseas business expansion and developing new businesses with effective use of human network in and out of Japan.

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Introduction to FY2013 management training programs

We will organize a management training program designed to broaden perspectives that help strengthen and change a company's internal organizational structure, through case studies of Japanese corporate management. A notable faculty will deliver lectures on management principles and strategies, which management needs to equip themselves with, while addressing current trends in the global economy and industry.

Time Period 29 July (Mon) - 10 August 2013 (Fri)
Place Tokyo Kenshu Center, HIDA (TKC)
Target Participants Management and Executives
Deadline 20 May 2013 (Mon)

Introduction to the HIDA Research Institute (HRI)

The needs for revitalizing the Japanese economy through globalization has been keenly felt while rapid economic growth in developing countries has been chiefly observed in the emerging economies. Japanese companies, including SMEs, have sped up their pace of overseas business expansion. However, most of the companies have faced various challenges that need to be overcome. With this year's establishment of the HRI, we are planning to develop our businesses for promoting economic-and-technological exchanges and mutual understanding between Japan and other countries. We believe that the HRI's three operational pillars (Information Dissemination, Overseas Researches, and Business Exchanges) will result in increasing mutual dependence and understanding on a global level. It will help us relentlessly pursue a world in which our mission ‘Coexist and grow together’ is achieved. We also ensure that we will provide incomparable opportunities for international exchanges of people and companies, using our human assets which have been cultivated for a long time.

Japanese Phrase Column Series Vol.9

A useful Japanese phrase to remember: Frequently used expressions in workplaces

Vol. 10: O-denwa ga tooi'n desu ga...
(お電話が遠いんですが... [おでんわがとおいんですが...])

Are there times when you are unable to hear the party you are speaking to on the telephone because the volume of the other party's voice is too soft? The conventional expression used to convey politely to the other party that you are unable to hear clearly is “O-denwa ga tooi'n desu ga... (お電話が遠いんですが... [おでんわがとおいんですが...])  This expression is often used in business.

“Denwa (電話[でんわ]) means “telephone,” while “tooi (遠い[とおい]) means “far away.” It is interesting that this expression does not contain any words that mean “cannot hear” or “please speak in a loud voice.” Using a deliberately ambiguous expression like this helps to convey the impression that it is not the other party's fault that he or she cannot be heard clearly. In addition, we could also say that the avoidance of making a direct request to the other party (here, the request would be, “Could you please speak in a louder voice?”) indicates respect to him or her.


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