AOTS Hiragana-Katakana Test Procedures

1. Overview

This test is intended both to encourage participants to learn Japanese before coming to Japan and to ascertain their current Japanese language abilities, so that Japanese language training can be conducted more efficiently after arrival in Japan. 

All trainees participating in J6W and J13W are asked to take the test.

2. Subjects

All trainees participating in J6W and J13W

3. Time required

15 minutes

4. Preparations

  1. Print the answer sheet (PDF).

2.  Enter your trainee no., nationality, name, and affiliated institution.

3.  You will take the test by listening to MP3 spoken audio files on the AOTS website. Prepare a smartphone or PC capable of playing the audio files.

5. Starting the test

  1. Write your answers on the answer sheet while listing to the spoken audio.

Depending on the Internet environment, it may take some time to load the videos.





2.  After finishing the test, photograph or scan your answer sheet and send it to the email address below.

Send the answer sheet in PDF or JPG file format. Please try to keep the file size no larger than 1MB if possible.


Submit to:


3.  Trainees and staff responsible at accepting companies will be notified of scores at a later date.

◇ If you pass the test

 Please continue to study Japanese, referring to the Learning Guidelines.

 Studying Japanese before you come to Japan will help your training in Japan to go more smoothly.

◇ If you fail the test

 Please study hiragana and katakana and keep taking the test until you pass.

 You will be notified of the URL for the second test at the time you receive notice of your test results. The Learning Guidelines also include introductions to some tools for learning hiragana and katakana.

6. Cautions, prohibitions

  1. In principle, testing should be conducted in a meeting room or other facility of the dispatching company, under the supervision of a person other than the trainees.
    If testing is conducted at the trainee's home or a similar place unavoidably, the trainee should be sure to answer all questions alone.
  2. Cheating is strictly prohibited.
  3. Please do not pause or replay the spoken audio.
  4. If you are unable to complete the test because the questions are too difficult, stop midway and send your answer sheet with the answers you were able to answer.


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