Pre-arrival Japanese Language Learning

To: Participants in J6W/J13W

Please learn some Japanese on your own before arriving in Japan (see 1 below). Also, please pass the AOTS Hiragana-Katakana Test (see 2 below) in advance. Please read the information below closely and start learning Japanese before arriving in Japan. 

1. Be sure to learn some simple Japanese before you come to Japan (required of all participants)

To ensure that you can start your training in Japan smoothly, please begin learning simple Japanese now.
Doing so will make it possible to learn more efficiently after you arrive in Japan, by spending more time in Japanese language training on tasks such as conversation practice.

Click here to check your Japanese level and see an introduction to Japanese teaching materials online

2. Please pass the AOTS Hiragana-Katakana Test (required of all participants)

Take the AOTS Hiragana-Katakana Test* online before arriving in Japan. A score of 40 points (80%) or higher is a passing grade. If you do not pass, review the material again before taking the next test.

Passing the test is not a requirement for coming to Japan.

First AOTS Hiragana-Katakana Test


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