The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) is a Japanese organization for human resources development in developing countries that promotes technical cooperation through training, experts dispatch and other programs.

Through those programs, we aim at contributing to the economic growth of both the developing countries and Japan as well as enhancing friendly relations between those countries.



Brochure “Guide to AOTS” is available for download here.


The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships

Abbreviated name: AOTS


The symbol of the association


August 10, 1959


To promote mutual economic development of Japan and other countries and friendly relationships between them by conducting activities to facilitate industrial globalization, trade, investment, and international economic cooperation.

Main activities to achieve AOTS' s aims

  1. Providing training to trainees and other personnel for the development of industry and human resources in Japan and abroad
  2. Dispatching experts and other personnel for the development of industry and human resources in Japan and abroad
  3. Conducting research and other programs related to the development of industry and human resources in Japan and abroad
  4. Managing and operating facilities required for the development of industrial human resources in Japan and abroad
  5. Financing Japanese small- and medium-sized companies to promote their overseas investment which will contribute to the development of industry in developing regions, and conducting related research activities

Endowment of the Organization

JPY 700,000,000

Scale of operations

Approximately JPY 5,400,000,000 (FY2024 budget)

  • Training Programs in Japan 119 courses for 2,800 participants
  • Overseas Training Programs 93 courses for 3,300 participants
  • Endowed Programs 55 courses
  • Experts Dispatch programs 210 experts
  • Internship Program and others

Total number of participants / experts / interns

Cumulative total as of FY2022

  • Training Programs in Japan 202,540 participants 
  • Overseas Training Programs 238,837 participants
  • Endowed Programs 23,730 participants
  • Experts Dispatch Programs 10,363 experts
  • Internship Programs 1,326 interns


Domestic bases

Kitasenju Office (Adachi-ku, Tokyo), Tokyo Training Center (Adachi-ku, Tokyo), Kansai Training Center (Osaka city, Osaka)

Overseas bases

Bangkok, Jakarta, New Delhi

Number of staff

141 (as of April 2024) *including fixed-term staff