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The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) is an organization for human resources development in developing countries to promote technical cooperation through training, experts dispatch and other programs. Through those programs, we aim at contributing to the mutual economic growth of developing countries and Japan as well as enhancing friendly relations between those countries.

AOTS recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy of all those who participate in its programs, and has adopted the policies described below to ensure that personal information is strictly protected.

1. Collection, Use & Provision of Personally Identifiable Information

When collecting personally identifiable information, the purpose of collection shall be specified and the means of collection shall be fair and legal. Personally identifiable information shall only be collected for legitimate AOTS business purposes. The scope of personally identifiable information to be collected shall be limited to that which is sufficient for achieving the specified goal(s); measures shall be established to ensure that this policy is enforced. All personally identifiable information collected by AOTS shall be properly managed and shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party without the individual's consent.

2. Legal Compliance

AOTS shall fully comply with all laws, national guidelines, and other regulations that pertain to the handling of personally identifiable information.

3. Management of Personally Identifiable Information

AOTS shall recognize the risks involving unauthorized public release, loss of or damage to personally identifiable information and establish a governance framework and internal standards aimed at preventing and checking these risks.

4. Personally Identifiable Information Management System

The officers and employees of AOTS shall recognize the importance of, and dedicate themselves to, protecting personally identifiable information. To ensure this, AOTS shall implement a personally identifiable information management system based on JISQ 15001 standard requirements, and shall maintain and upgrade it on a continual basis.

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