WNF Program and Fund

What is the WNF Program?

The WNF Program is a unique "South-South Cooperative Activity" materialized for the self-help and mutual cooperation of developing countries. WNF stands for "World Network of Friendship", the network of AOTS Alumni Societies promoting world-wide cooperation in the field of human resource development.

WNF Program Examples

WNF Fund

The money in this fund was collected in the form of donations from:
  • The members of the Alumni Societies
  • AOTS staff members
  • The general public sympathized with the purpose of funding trainee exchange programs among the Alumni Societies

If you are interested in making a donation, please refer “Request for Donation”.

Role of AOTS

The AOTS is entrusted by AOTS Alumni Societies to manage the WNF Fund and also assists the Alumni Societies with the implementation of the WNF Program.

Factory visit during study tour in Thailand

Non-Destructive Testing Method Traning

Traning Program on Technical Animation


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