AOTS’s Vision

To become a core institution for global human connectivity

Global human connectivity—the connections between people across borders.

As the economy becomes more globalized and information technology advances, the world is becoming connected at greater speeds. In this world without borders, today’s industries—here in Japan and around the globe—are evolving rapidly.

AOTS aims to strengthen its human network and become an institution that connects people and businesses across national boundaries. We aim to play a part in solving any and all social issues related to the field of industrial human resource development and contribute to mutual economic development and friendly relations between countries.

About the AOTS Logo

The Shape of Our Logo

Our logo represents the three major objectives of AOTS.

  • Its mechanical feel symbolizes international technical cooperation

  • Its extending arms represent growth, development, and mutual economic progress

  • The way the arms interlock represents our contributions to friendly international relations

The triangular shape symbolizes the letter A—the initials of Asia, Africa, and Latin America—and the three arms symbolize these three regions, which have been a focus of AOTS’s contributions to human resource development since its founding.

The Color of Our Logo

The color of our logo is “AOTS Earth Blue,” our corporate color. Resembling the earth and its seas, the deep blue color symbolizes our wish for technology to transcend national boundaries, just like the sky and the sea, and for people all over the earth to connect with each other.