What are Our Alumni Societies?

AOTS Alumni Societies (AAS) are non-profit private organizations voluntarily founded in various parts of the world by EX-AOTS (or HIDA) training participants, who share the common experience of training in Japan.

AOTS Alumni Societies, whose network currently extends to 45 countries and 74 locations in the world, are actively involved in human resources development toward the economic and industrial development of home countries, as well as the enhancement of their countries’ friendly relations with Japan and other countries.

AOTS’s Mission in the field of Technical Cooperation

Today, the international community is expecting more technical cooperation from Japan. As one of Japan’s largest private organizations for technical cooperation, the AOTS needs to increase our organizational effectiveness by making the best use of our resources, as well as by developing and evaluating our programs to consistently meet the real needs of the developing countries.

AOTS Alumni Societies’ Role

AOTS Alumni Societies are playing a valuable role in AOTS training programs as our local partners. The AOTS has been cooperating with the Alumni Societies in their activities that meet the objectives of AOTS programs, and bring more recognition to and help developing AOTS activities. The AOTS is also ready to provide active support for the efforts of EX-AOTS (or HIDA) training participants to create new AOTS Alumni Societies. In addition, the AOTS has been encouraging AOTS Alumni Societies in the same country to form a National Federation to promote mutual cooperation.

Events and Organizational Management of AOTS Alumni Societies

AOTS Alumni Societies have conducted / involved in various activities.

1. Promotion of Friendship among Members

  • Get-together parties
  • Factory tours
  • Recreational programs, etc.

2. Organizational Management

  • Member list
  • Newsletters
  • Cooperation with AOTS Overseas Offices, Japanese-government affiliates such as JETRO, etc.
  • Pre-departure orientation for AOTS training participants
  • Invitation for EX-AOTS (or HIDA) training participants for membership enlargement

3. Cultural and Social Activities

  • Japanese language classes and tests
  • Cultural lectures, etc.

4. Human Resource Development and Industrial Promotion

Collaboration with the AOTS:
  • Recruiting and recommending candidates for AOTS training programs organized in Japan
  • Organizing seminars by EX-AOTS (or HIDA) training participants and specialists dispatched by the AOTS, etc.

5. International Cooperation

  • Exchange of seminar participants and experts with other Alumni Societies, under the scheme of the WNF programs
  • Participation in world and regional conferences of AOTS Alumni Societies, etc.
  • Sharing of information


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