Northeast Asia No.3 China / Shanghai

Name of Society Shanghai AOTS Alumni Society
Place of Registration Room2204, Shenxin Building, No.200 Ninghai(East) Road, Shanghai China 200021
Year of Establishment 1987
Number of Members 364
Website (URL)  


Message from Shanghai AOTS Alumni Society

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Recent Event

  1. In March 2020, Shanghai Alumni Society distributed the masks sent by AOTS to the directors and some members of our alumni society and relevant enterprises.
  2. Shanghai Alumni Society convened the council and trainee’s exchange meeting on June 26, 2019. After the meeting (1) Visit the exhibition of Zhangjiang Science City to understand the achievements of Zhangjiang science and technology innovation development; (2) Visit the exhibition of Zhangjiang AI Island to understand the most frontier AI applications;
  3. In November 2019, we dispatched 20 trainees to participant "German Industrial Internet Security Innovation and Development Program" in Germany.
  4. We purchased 30 copies of "Analects of Confucius and Abacus by Shibusawa Eiichi" on August 25, 2020, and presented to the councils and some members of our alumni society to understand and learn Japanese business philosophy.



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