Program Examples

WNF Program Examples

Please refer these example cases to acquire further information about WNF Program.

Case 1  Afro-Asian Entrepreneurs Program

  • Held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Training for Entrepreneurs for 10 days
  • Around 15 Participants from Africa and Asia
  • Host Alumni Society: Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia

Case 2  Maintenance of Electrical Support Equipment

  • Held at Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Technical Training program for 2 weeks
  • 2 participants from Nepal
  • Host Alumni Society:Bangladesh AOTS-HIDA Alumni Society (BAAS)

Case 3  Low Tension Switchgear & Protection

  • Held at Pune, India

  • 10days program on Low Tension Switchgear & Protection

  • Participants from Ghana and Sudan

  • Host Alumni Society: AOTS Alumni Society of Central India (Pune)

Case 4  YLW "Creating Inspirational Young Business Leaders under the Stewardship of AOTS“

  • 3 days program to create inspirational business leaders
  • 19 participants from India, Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Participants from Ghana and Sudan
  • Host organization: Japan Sri Lanka Technical & Cultural Association (JASTECA)

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