HIDA Journal No.10 Spring 2017

Spring 2017

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New Year's Message

Examples of HIDA's Training Programs for Human Resource Development
Advancing Survey Mapping Technologies —Twenty Years with Nepalese IT Engineers— [NAKANIHON AIR SERVICE CO., LTD.]

Examples of HIDA's Training Programs for Human Resource Development
Made It Happen: Expert Dispatch Program for Technology Instruction at Local Plants in Vietnam [PREC CO., LTD.]

Dr. Noriaki Kano, Program Director, The Program for Quality Management, Received Georges Borel Award from European Organization for Quality, Thus Achieved the Triple Crown

Introducing The Program for Quality Management
The Program for Quality Management
Level-specific courses in Program for Quality Management

“Monodzukuri Jinzai Ambassadors”: Creation and Appointment

HIDA's Activities in Africa
Status of TPIJ participation / Status of Expert Dispatch

The Fifth “Japanese Speech Contest for Foreigners Engaged in Nursing or Long-Term Care” held
Donation of winter clothes from Japan Indonesia Association and the Philippine Society of Japan for EPA candidates
Lecturing Tours in Mexico and Peru “Invitation to Japanese Management Practice through 5S”
Commemorative Ceremony Marking the 50-Year Anniversary of Kenshu Kiokay del Peru and 5S Award in Peru and Argentine
Czech Alumni Society hosted WNF Program and European Federation of HIDA-AOTS Alumni Societies (EFAAS) Convention