AOTS Journal No.12 Spring 2018

Spring 2018

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Message from President

A Case of Training Program for Human Resource Development by AOTS
A Wish to Contribute to Infrastructure Building in India: ‘Make in India’ with Precast Concrete Units Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd.

Report on AOTS International Symposium ‘Toward Work Style Reforms: Revised Labor Laws in France and the Difference of Labor-Management Relations between Japan and France’

Introducing AMEICC Endowed Courses in Universities
Thailand: Example of an endowed course at school of liberal arts at Thammasat University
Indonesia: Example of an endowed course at school of engineering at Darma Persada University

Japanese Language Education by AOTS

A Firm in San-in Region Employs an Indian IT Engineer
AOTS Concludes an MOU with IMC, Taiwanese Employers Organization
Winter Clothing Donated to EPA Candidates from Japan Indonesia Association and the Philippine Society of Japan

Inter-regional Cooperation among AOTS Alumni Societies
Regional Federations of AOTS Alumni Societies

News from AOTS Alumni Societies
The National 5S Awards in Argentina
Golden Jubilee celebration of Alumni Society of AOTS Kerala
AOTS Monterrey Alumni Society celebrates its 30th Anniversary, Issuing the 1st 5S Kaizen Mexico Award

AOTS in Motion: August-December 2017