AOTS Journal No.13 Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018

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Message From the New Chairman

A Case of Training Program for Human Resource Development by AOTS
Aiming at being plain good, not just a big company, by focusing on being a corporation that educates and produces human resources: MS Mold Co., Ltd.

Introducing AOTS Overseas Training Programs
An example of AOTS overseas training by adoption of proposals Fukuda & Partners Corporation

GHC Global Business Internship Program – Interview with a client company
“Aiming for HRD to strive in a global environment” Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.

Report of International Symposium
Symposium on Labor Situation in Vietnam: Challenges for Japanese Expatriate Corporations on Labor-Management Relations and Human Resource Development

Introduction to AMEICC program: Cases in Myanmar, Lao PDR and Cambodia
Japan's Monodzukuri Engineering Course' (endowed course) held in Thanlyn Technological University
Introducing Third Country-type Overseas Training Courses Planned and Executed by AOTS as an AMEICC program

The AOTS concluded an MOU on tri-party cooperation with Marubeni Corporation and Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos, E.P. (Mozambique's National Hydrocarbon Company) (ENH) for the implementation of training programs
Very First AOTS Overseas Training Held in Three Taiwanese Cities –In Collaboration with IMC, Taiwanese employers' organization–
Message from the New General Manager of AOTS New Delhi Office

News from AOTS Alumni Societies
Report on AOTS Lecturing Tour in Egypt and Iran
5S practices in public spaces: Activities of Romania AOTS Alumni Society
peru 5s award

AOTS in Motion: January — September 2018