AOTS Journal No.14 Spring 2019

Spring 2019

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Message from President of AOTS

A Case of Training Program for Human Resource Development by AOTS
Training 300 Robot Systems Integrators (Slers) in Five Years to help build the industrial base of Thailand, a foundation of Thailand 4.0
Sanmei Machinery Co., Ltd.

Toward Establishment of Japanese-style Management Techniques Globally –Management Training Programs by AOTS–

Introduction to AMEICC Program
Examples of Use of the AOTS's AMEICC Project “ASEAN-by-ASEAN”
–A program for Japanese corporations operating in ASEAN member countries–

Cross-border Public Relations Promotion by AOTS Research Institute: Promotion of Japan's Appeal Abroad, Linking Local Industrial Organizations and Companies with Japan

TAOTS Hosts Seventh ‘Japanese Speech Contest for Foreigners Engaged in Nursing or Long-term Care’
Winter Clothing Donated to EPA Candidates from Japan Indonesia Association and the Philippine Society of Japan

Report of AOTS International Symposium ‘Labour 4.0’ in Germany and the Future of Japanese Labor

News from AOTS Alumni Societies
Chattagram AOTS Alumni Society (CAAS)'s 30th Anniversary Ceremony
Bangladesh AOTS Alumni Society (BAAS) Celebrated its 50th Anniversary
Celebrating 60th Anniversary of Indonesia's Establishment of Diplomatic Ties with Japan–Indonesian Alumni Societies Held Commemorative Events
National 5S Conventions in Latin America: Peru and Argentina

AOTS in Motion: (September to December 2018)