AOTS Journal No.16 Spring 2020

Spring 2020

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Message from the President

AOTS Celebrated Its 60th Anniversary: Departure from Its Origins to a New Age (PartII)
AOTS's 60th Anniversary Commemorative Symposium Keynote Speech/Presentation
Panel Discussion “A Future Outlook of Co-creation and Co-existence between Japanese and Foreign People”

A Case of Training Program for Human Resource Development by AOTS
Japanese-style “Kawaii” (Cuteness) Made with High-Technology: Stuffed Animals Full of Dreams Made in Myanmar
Cute Sales Co., Ltd.

Introducing AMEICC Endowed Courses in Universities
Endowed Courses in Vietnam at National University of Civil Engineering and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

AOTS Seminar Review: Interview of Adult Students from Africa
“The attitude shared by the management and workers toward the same goal was most impressive”

News from AOTS Alumni Societies
Visayas AOTS Alumni Society Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary


  • AOTS Hosts Eighth “Japanese Speech Contest for Foreigners Engaged in Nursing or Long-term Care”
  • Winter Clothing Donated to EPA Candidates from Japan Indonesia Association and the Philippine Society of Japan
  • Report on AOTS International Symposium “System of Modification and Termination of Labor Contracts and Dispute Resolution in the UK and France: Comparison with Japan”
  • Top Market Share Brand of Indian Dairy Products is supported by Japanese Corporate Management Skills

AOTS in Motion (August-November 2019)