HIDA Journal No.2 Spring 2013

Spring 2013

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Cover Photo (Commentary):Opening ceremony for the HIDA Jakarta Office


Misson / Association Overview

Human Resource Development of HIDA 
Exploring New Markets Overseas (Kahoku Lighting Solutions Corporation)
Indonesia: a Country with Huge Growth Potential (G-TEKT Corporation)

Examples of HIDA Programs
Training Program (From a Company Dispatching a Trainee) DENSO MANUFACTURING VIETNAM CO., LTD.
Experts Dispatch Program (From a Company Hosting an Expert) P. T. NARUMI INDONESIA
Training Program (From a Company Dispatching a Trainee) VINA KYOEI STEEL CO., LTD.

Human Resource Development Assistance for Africa
The Program on Corporate Management for Africa (AFCM)

The METI Global Internship Program
HIDA Performance Evaluation Committee
Exchange Meeting on Water Treatment Technologies (Osaka)
Conference by the Federation of Southeast Asian AOTS Alumni Societies
Closing of Yokohama Kenshu Center
HIDA is changing into a general incorporated foundation