General Information about Life in Japan

This page shows general information about life in Japan.
AOTS provides more detailed information to participants of AOTS training courses after they come to Japan.

Basic information

Country: Japan (Nippon in Japanese)

Capital: Tokyo

Language: Japanese

Currency: YEN (¥)*

It is not easy to exchange money after you arrive at the AOTS training centers.
We strongly recommend you to exchange money to Japanese yen at the airport when you arrive in Japan.


This data is the average between 1971 and 2000.
Source: Observations Department, Meteorological Agency

(1) Tokyo

(2) Osaka

More detailed information about the Japanese climate


  1. During the AOTS training course
    When you attend lectures in the AOTS training center, you can wear casual clothes, but we recommend you to choose suitable clothes for business when you visit companies during the course. In the case of opening/closing ceremonies, we recommend you wear business or formal clothes/dress.
  2. During specialized technical training in companies
    Please follow the instructions given by your host company.
  3. Suitable clothes for the seasons in Japan
    Please see below.


This is a comfortable season and the average temperature is between 10 and 18°C.
However, it is cooler in the morning and at night compared with the daytime.


This is the rainy season and it is humid.
One day you may feel cool, but on another day you may feel humid and hot.
It is difficult to choose your clothes.

July - August

This is the hottest season and you will feel very hot and humid.

September - October

It gets cooler from the end of September.
Please be careful about the difference of temperature between the daytime and morning/night.

November - February

This is the coldest and driest season. 
Take care not to catch a cold.


Voltage: 100V

50Hz (Eastern part of Japan / TKC)
60Hz (Western part of Japan / KKC)
60Hz (Western part of Japan / Chubu Office (CKC) )

You can use electric appliances which have a 50/60Hz indication in Japan.

Plug: A

Check list of your belongings

Please refer 'Check list of your belongings' to acquire an information about what to bring.

Training life in Japan

While you participate in a AOTS training course and a specialized technical training in your host company, you are kindly requested to attend all the programs and to be punctual.
Regarding other rules and conditions, please refer to ' Training Life in Japan'.
This menu also has some other important information for AOTS trainees such as "Passports, Visas, Quarantine" and "Training Life in Japan".
Please refer to other items on the AOTS Home Page, which have various types of information about the AOTS training programs.