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As a part of Japan's efforts in technical cooperation, these activities will develop the industrial human resources required to support the economic growth of developing countries and contribute to Japanese or Japanese-related companies for their overseas market developments and reduce CO2 emissions.
It is a collaborative project between the public and private sector, implemented through a combination of Government and private funding.
There are three types of training for human resources development in the activities, as described below.
AOTS has two types of Training Programs - one is ODA-funded programs, and the other is Carbon Reduction Technology Promotion (hereinafter abbreviated as CRTP) Programs. Aside from carbon reduction, the latter is designed to promote energy conservation. Please be advised that the two schemes have different conditions of participation such as objectives, target countries and participation fee etc.

1. Training Implemented in Japan (Training in Japan)

Training for engineers and managers who are invited from developing countries* in Japan is referred to as training in Japan and there are two types of this, as described below.
*It is not applicable in the case of CRTP Programs which aims for all countries and regions in principle.

1) Technical Training

The goal of this training in Japan is to teach about specific Japanese manufacturing and other technologies. It is made up of two types of training, namely introductory training (General Orientation Course) held at a AOTS Training Center and practical training (Specialized Technical Training) carried out at the premises of host companies.

2) Management Training

This training in Japan is carried out at AOTS Training Centers, and uses lectures, practical exercises, plant visits, etc. to teach the methods of various management techniques required in company and plant management. Participants can take Specialized Technical Training in a company in Japan after completion of the Management Training Program only when the application is made by a Japanese host company in Japan.

2. Training Conducted Overseas (Overseas Training)

Group training carried out overseas by lecturers sent from Japan is referred to as overseas training. It is effective for communicating simultaneously to many participants about widely available and applicable technology, and the basic technology required by local companies in the region.

3. Experts Dispatch

This is a program which transfers technology by dispatching Japanese experts from companies and organizations in Japan to developing countries* for the purpose of increasing productivity and quality, and improving the level of management.
*It is not applicable in the case of CRTP Programs which aims for all countries and regions in principle.