Webinars (Online Seminars)


Webinars (Online Seminars) are carried out by using web-based video conferencing system, and participants learn management knowledge and skills of Japanese companies, which are required in company and plant management.


The online seminar is targeted at the top management, managers and supervisors of Japanese-affiliated companies, business partners of Japanese companies, or the companies which are planning or wishing to deal with Japanese companies.

About Webinars

Most of the online seminars are conducted for 1-5 days and each session lasts about 2-3 hours. The number of participants is around 50-300. In the seminars, participants learn management knowledge and techniques through lectures, exercises, video movie, Q&A, etc. In the interval of each session, participants may have some assignments to improve their ability of analysis and thinking.
Theme Examples
  • AI・IoT
  • Production management
  • Corporate Revitalization
  • DX (Digital Transformation)
  • Leadership
  • Innovation

List of Webinars (Online seminars)

The Webinars (Online seminars) are made up of two different types of programs.
You can see the list of Webinars (Online seminars) and detailed program outline from the link below.

Subsidized Programs

This type of programs is partially funded from the Japanese government.

Subsidized Programs

Non-subsidized Programs (New Global Cooperation Programs)

This type of programs is planned and carried out by the AOTS alone based on experiences cultivated through training programs in the past.

Non-subsidized Programs


Regarding to Subsidized Programs

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Regarding to Non-subsidized Programs

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