Technical Training & Expert Dispatch

Only the parent companies, etc. in Japan can apply for the Technical Training& Expert Dispatch. Overseas companies such as overseas representative offices, venture companies and technology partners, or employees thereof cannot apply directly.

Technical Training Program

The Technical Training is conducted at parent companies, etc. in Japan by inviting employees of overseas companies such as overseas representative offices, venture companies and technology partners. The training consists of the General Orientation Course held at the AOTS and the Specialized Technical Training held at parent companies, etc. in Japan.

General Orientation Course

The purpose of the training is to learn the Japanese language necessary for smooth Specialized Technical Training, and to understand culture and society of Japan, industries and corporate culture of Japan and methods of technology transfer after returning to home countries. Participants attend lectures at an AOTS Training Center and visit industrial facilities. In addition to the regular six-week course, there are a 13-week course to learn Japanese at a more advanced level and a nine-day course that does not involve the Japanese language training.

Group discussion among the trainees during the General Orientation Course

Specialized Technical Training

Trainees learn specific technology such as production technology and various management techniques necessary to conduct businesses in their home countries, based on appropriate training plans through cooperation of the parent companies in Japan.

Overseas Training Program

The Overseas Training is conducted by dispatching lecturers from Japan to overseas and is targeted at people ranging from leader and section leader levels to supervisors of local affiliates of Japanese companies. The purpose of the training is to learn various specific technologies, management techniques and universal business management methods through lectures, facility visits, practical exercises and discussions in a short period (around 2 to 14 days).

Lecture at Overseas Training in India 

Experts Dispatch Program

AOTS dispatches highly qualified Japanese experts to developing countries, with the support of Japanese private businesses and organizations, to assist those countries in human resource development. Such technical guidance mainly aims at contributing to the industrial development of those countries, vitalizing of Japanese affiliated companies and supporting the global expansion of Japanese small or medium-sized enterprises. 

"Receiving Party" means a local company or local private organization, etc., in another country EXCEPT Japan where the experts are dispatched.

"Cooperating Company" means a Japanese company or Japanese industrial association, etc., whose head office is located in Japan, that has mainly a financial and/or business relationship with the Receiving Party. 

2023 Guide to AOTS Japanese Government Funded Program


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