Management Training in Japan


The Management Training is carried out at AOTS Training Centers, and participants learn advanced management skills of Japanese companies, which are required in company and plant management.

Training Content
  • advanced facility visits and case studies of Japanese companies
  • lectures by outstanding lecturers

  • discussions among participants or with experts

  • practical exercises

Training is usually for two weeks and is held mainly based on training needs of Japanese affiliated companies in developing countries and requests from institutions in Japan and overseas.

Types of Management Training

The Management Training is made up of two different types of programs.

Subsidized Programs

This type of programs is partially funded from the Japanese government.

Subsidized Programs

Non-subsidized Programs (New Global Cooperation Programs)

This type of programs is planned and carried out by the AOTS alone based on experiences cultivated through training programs in the past.

Non-subsidized Programs

Program Introduction


Regarding to Subsidized Programs

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Regarding to Non-subsidized Programs

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