Subsidized Programs

Subsidized management programs are the management training programs to which funding from the Japanese government is partially applied. Training courses are carried out at AOTS Training Centers, and participants learn advanced management skills of Japanese companies, which are required in company and plant management.


The program aims to develop human resources that have learned the characteristics of Japan’s excellent management techniques and understand Japanese management methods. They are expected to serve as a bridge between Japan and their own countries, contributing to improvement of management of the participants’ own companies and industrial development of their own countries as well as Japanese companies’ overseas expansion through these efforts.


The program is targeted at the top management, managers and supervisors of Japanese-affiliated companies, business partners of Japanese companies, or the companies which are planning or wishing to deal with Japanese companies.

About Courses

Each course runs for approximately two weeks and the number of participants is around 20 people.
In the training, participants learn management techniques with wide range of themes through lectures, practical exercises, and visits to facilities of Japanese companies, etc.

Participants will formulate action plans on the last day of the training by grasping problems of their companies and divisions based on what they learned from the lectures, discussions and visits, and utilize the plans for practice after returning to their countries.

Group discussion among the trainees during management training

Theme Examples
  • Company management
  • Production management
  • Quality management
  • Logistics management
  • Leadership
  • Innovation


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