Outline of Technical Training

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1. General Orientation Course and Specialized Technical Training

The technical training is made up of introductory training (General Orientation Course) held at a AOTS Training Center to teach about the Japanese language, culture and society of Japan, and practical training (Specialized Technical Training) to teach about the specific technical skills at the premises of host companies. The General Orientation Course is divided into four courses based on the Japanese language ability that will be required in the Specialized Technical Training.

2. Basic Requirements for Participants in Technical Training

In order to participate in the technical training, the following conditions must be satisfied.
  1. As a rule, participants should be citizens and residents of a developing country or region.
  2. Participants should be university graduates or have equivalent academic ability or professional experience.
  3. Participants should be between 20 and 50 years at the time of the commencenent of the course.
  4. Participants should be healthy enough both physically and mentally.
Please check here for a list of the target countries and regions. However, countries may cease to be eligible for diplomatic reasons.

3. Application Procedure

The technical training involves a system in which applications are made by host companies in Japan. For details, please see below.