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Banking and consulting company providing diversified services -GATS India Limited- (Ludhiana, India)



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GATS consists of two companies: GATS India Limited and The GATS Urban Co-Operative Thrift & Credit Society Limited. GATS is a CRISIL (Credit Rating and Information Services of India Ltd.) Certified Group and is diversified into the following business:
  • Banking
  • Technical Consultancy- Valuations, TEV (Techno Economic Viability) Studies, Chartered Engineering Certifications, Lender's Independent Engineers and Due Deligence
  • GATS Trade Money - Trade Finance, Distress Fund and Private Equity, NPA (Non-performing Asset) Management
  • Vakeeljee- Debt Management Laws
  • GATS Tour and Travel
  • Career Points - Immigration
  • GATS Pay - Digital Payment Servieces, GATS Money Kendras, etc.
Following its conception, GATS aims to give the best services and products to its varied customers.
Company Description
Name GATS India Limited
Country India, Ludhiana
Business category Banking and Consultancy
Main Products/Services Trade Finance, Distress Fund, Private Equity, Valuations (V), TEV Studies (TEV), Chartered Engineering Certifications (CEC), Lenders Independent Engineers (LIE), Debt Management Laws, Forex, Tour and Travel, Digital Money Transfer, Immigration etc.
Business relationships with overseas countries including Japan Working with a few overseas companies, but non with Japanese origin.
Information on former AOTS/HIDA training participants
Training history (year) 2018
Training course     PICT
Training topics The program on ICT in Emerging Market Economies
Language English



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