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New Global Cooperation by AOTS
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AOTS has been developing New Global Cooperation (NGC) with the use of its own experiences in human resource development in many countries as well as its networking in and out of Japan. NGC primarily means seminars and training planned and organized by AOTS for introduction of Japan's technical edge such as environment management and renewable energy application while providing with business exchanges between other countries and Japan.
NGC is meant to be our own means of contribution to mutual growth and further development by responding to changing needs of human resource development. NGC also supports internationalization of Japanese people as well. globe&j_ flag

Priority Subjects of NGC Seminars are as follows

Type I: Business Empowerment Series

Providing opportunities to meet and exchange with Japanese companies through participation to exhibitions and business exchange meetings.

Type II: Green for Growth Series

Introducing the leading technology of energy conservation in Japan.

Type III: Creating Green Energy Series

Introducing the latest activities and relevant companies on renewable energy in Japan.

Type IV: Globalization of Japanese People

This category offers seminars for Japanese people on better intercultural understanding and global communication in the context of globalization of Japanese people. Also, it will provide better opportunities for both Japanese and foreign participants to learn together.

Type V: Business Value Breakthrough Series

Offering more seminars of different kinds to respond to the various industrial needs.

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