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NGC seminar 2018-2019


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EPCM (日本人参加者向け)企業経営研修コース(EPCM)
The Executive Program on Corporate Management
終了 TKC
¥15,000~ PDF

English course

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NGC Business Study Program on Toyota Way of Management for Company-wide Operational Improvement /
This program will offer the skills to produce results and to vitalize your company , based on the actual management methods what we call, "Toyota way Management System (TMS)", practiced by Toyota management team and managers of the fields of production site as well as indirect departments of the company (design, production preparation, sale, etc.) in Toyota Motors.
At the end of the seminar, those who pass the exam will be awarded with TMS Grade 4 certificate.

*Language: English and Spanish (multi interpretation)

16 March (Mon) – 21 March (Sat), 2020 TKC (Tokyo) and site visits in Nagoya JPY 255,000 or
USD 2,400
Application deadline : 9th January 2020

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X555-3 Practice-based management in Japan
–Management Innovation Starting from 5S– / This program will offer the new concepts of 5S activities of 'Strategy as Practice in Japan'. Participants will go to Japanese companies which were innovated by 5S tivities. / For business owners, directors and senior managers considering to introduce 5S-based corporate management to their companies.
X566 Program on Enhancing 'Workplace Capability' using IE methods in the manufacturing industry /

This program will be implemented by AOTS in cooperation with Central Japan Industries Association(Chu-San-Ren) You can study the Essence of Consulting skill of 'Workplace Diagnosis' by using IE. / For corporate executives , management executives, site managers in manufacturing companies, managers in corporate banking, management consultants for SME

¥270,000 Closed
X500-6 Executive Program on Qualiry Management (EPQM) /

This course is directed by Dr. Noriaki Kano, as an advocator of the “Kano Model” and Chairman of the Deming Prize for Individuals Selection Committee. The program contains lectures, visits to companies, a individual consultation and discussions with participating top management. Up-to-date of TQM knowledge will make a paradigm shift in top managers. / For CEO, CTO or equivalent top management. Applicants should be at the center of management or top executives who are responsible for quality development and quality management throughout the organization. Although a person in an advisory business like consultants are also able to apply, a person in industries dealing with quality such as manufacturing, systems, and services will be given higher priority. Participation by all applicants is not guaranteed.

¥489,500 Closed

Thai Course

Seminar Title / Features / Target Participants Period Venue Participation Fee / person Application closure
X579 Compliance and Japanese Hospitality in Digital Era /

Compliance, Japanese hospitality and family business management in Digital Era are featured in this program. Each topic is lectured by experts related to the Japanese service industry. As for family business, focusing on centuries-old family firms in Japan, participants will learn management philosophy and characteristics of Japanese family business (Omotenashi-Service mind and etc.) .
In this emerging global competitive environment especially in all industry including Service industry, Manufacturing industry, and banking industry which being transformed to digital banking so the competitive strategic plan to confront with digitization is necessary to adapt and change to survive in business. This program consists of lectures and site visits. / For person in service industry such as bank, etc. All lectures, discussions and company visits will be conducted in Japanese with translation into Thai. In principle, the program documents and materials will be prepared in Thai.

¥180,000 Closed


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