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Providing Software for Highlighting Anomalies by Running a Series of Tests -Forestpin (Pvt) Ltd- (Colombo, Sri Lanka)


(Sri Lanka/スリランカ)

- Introduction to a company owned by a former AOTS training program participant -

Forestpin is a Sri Lankan startup, specializing in analytics and alerts with a strong focus on anomaly detection. Forestpin runs a series of mathematical and statistical tests on any stream of quantitative data to highlight anomalies. This often results in the discovery of mistakes, manipulation, fraud, business process improvements and opportunity loss. We offer visualization of anomalies without having to write complex queries. Alerts are sent to mail boxes with an associated workflow.
Customers include: Apparel, leisure, manufacturing, FMCG, insurance, IT, supermarket, financial services, and transportation sectors. Users include: management, audit, risk and governance, finance and process teams.
The product we offer is fairly unique. We only have customers in Sri Lanka.
We are hoping to distribute our products, Forestpin Analytics, in Japan by cooperating with Japanese companies.
Company Description
Name Forestpin (Pvt) Ltd
Country Sri Lanka
Name of Representative Ransith Fernando
Year of Establishment 2012
Business Type Software Product Company
Main Products Selling Forestpin Alerts and Analytics Software
Communicable Languages English
Information on former AOTS training participants
Name P Ransith A Fernando
Current Position Managing Director
Training History (year) The BIIT program (July, 2001)
Training Language English



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TEL : +81-3-3888-8244 FAX : +81-3-3888-8242