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Engineering Design and Production of Stainless Steel Process Equipment -ZAVAR Company- (Skopje, Macedonia)



- Introduction to a company of AOTS training program participant - ​

Zavar specializes in  engineering design production of stainless steel process equipment fabrications based on advanced welding technologies while concurrently developing its own brand of stainless steel heating radiators.
Zavar is a well established family business founded in 1988. Today it employs nearly 55 personnel.
It is involved in the production of process equipment, mostly made of stainless steel (INOX), used in the food, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Zavar also produces different kinds of stainless and carbon steel pipelines and pressure tanks for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, and customized production of parts and assemblies according to clients’ specific technical design.
Zavar’s latest challenge is production of unique, high fashion, stainless steel heating radiators in small batches (for different market needs) based on its own design, an intellectual property of Zavar. Another complementary product line is the fabrication of building decorative elements and unique furniture designed components made of stainless steel (INOX).
Zavar offers value to its customers by providing customized and flexible development and engineering services based on in-house resources. One of the key competitive advantages is a team of highly competent mechanical engineers capable of delivering specific technical ideas, innovations and overall engineering solutions into the end products.
Zavar continuously invests in human capital and their engineering skills and qualifications. The qualification structure of the production capacity has increased due to expansion and growth opportunities identified in export markets in several industries such as: power system components, heat recovery systems, furnaces and ovens, chemical processing stainless steel equipment and assemblies, waste water treatment equipment and pipelines, and customized mechanical components based on welding technology and metal fabrications required in various industries.
We have certified WPQR certification of welding procedures  (TUV Rheinland Germany):

- TIG ( 141 ) inox SS – pipes
- TIG ( 141 ) inox SS – plates
- TIG ( 141 ) CS – pipes
- TIG ( 141 ) CS – plates
- MAG (135  ) CS – plates
- MIG ( 131 ) inox SS – plates
- TIG ( 141 ) alloy C22 Hastelloy – plates
- TIG ( 141 ) alloy 825 Incoloy – plates
- TIG ( 141 ) AWP automatized ORBITAL –inox SS – pipes
- TIG ( 141 ) AWP automatized CNC tank welding – inox
- TIG ( 141 ) comb.  inox SS- CS – pipes & plates
- TIG ( 141 ) AWP automised – mechanized CS - Pipe& plate  EN ISO 14732


In the pursuit of competitive advantage and essential European market entrance preconditions Zavar Company has obtained the following certificates:

  • Certification of quality according to EN ISO 9001  acc TUV CERT, TGA (DAR) Rheinland (since 2005)
  • Certificate for Environmental Management System issued in Budapest, certified according to EN ISO 14001  by TUV CERT, TGA (DAR) Rheinland (since 2006)
  • Certificate issued in Budapest for welding standard EN ISO 3834-2.  (since 2009)
  • Certificate according Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC  - 2014/68/EU (since December 2012)
  • Planned certification of EN ISO OHSAS 18001   (planned in 2017 / 2018)
    Planned fulfilling and issuing  of commitment according  ISO 26000 (social responsibility CSR)
    (planned in 2018 / 2019)
  • Certification according  ASME  Pressure Equipment Directive (pl7 /(planned in 2018 / 2019)
We hope to make collaboration with Japaniese companies to supply stainless steel process equipment according customised design.
Company Description
Name ZAVAR Company
Country Macedonia
Name of Representative Pavle Grnarov
Year of Establishment 1988
Business Type production , design , engineering of processing equipment
Main Products SS reactors, pressure vessels, high pressure demanding pipelines  mixers, homogenisators, storage and fluid cooling vessels, heatexchangers, HVAC elements, pharmaceutical, chemical processing vessels, eneregetic machines, chambers
Business Relationships with Overseas Countries export  89% from turnover  to USA , UK , Germany , Switzerland , Italy  , Slovenia
Business Relationships with Japanese companies personal membership JWS ( Japan Welding Society )
Communicable Languages English
Information on former AOTS/HIDA training participants
Name Pavle Grnarov
Current Position Executive Manager
Training History (year) 2017
Training Topics The Corporate Management Program on Energy & Resource saving (CMPE)
Training Language English



Feel free to contact us at the numbers below if you have any questions about the company.

Inquiry  (Weekdays 9:30–17:00)

Overseas Management Department
Overseas Strategy Group

TEL : +81-3-3888-8244 FAX : +81-3-3888-8242